Mocha Girl Beauty University Ambassador Program
The only Brown and beautiful University!

The only Brown and beautiful University!

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You already know our story, but Mocha Girl Beauty was founded on the idea that beauty is for everyone and that it should be all inclusive. By generating positivity and celebrating diversity we work towards a new future for beauty, and we know that future starts with you! MGBU is an exclusive ambassador program for the passionate everyday Mocha Girl that will gain career-orientated experience and free products and merch!

Mocha Girl Beauty College Ambassador Program

Why Should I Apply?

Who wouldn’t want to hack their way into getting free things? When you become an ambassador, not only are you an insider on all things MGB but you can expect free merch to rep around. You will also become eligible to receive free perks like Ulta gift cards or the latest palettes and products on the market!

Are you interested in building your own platform, or even managing your own business in the future? This is for everyone with a passion or a dream. Whether you love to be involved in your community or if you are someone who loves to create or inspire, MGBU is for you. Be a part of a strong community while gaining the skills and experience that will make your goals a reality. We want to build a family of ambassadors who can influence others while supporting each other!

Mocha Girl Beauty College Ambassador Program

Ambassador Duties

  • Rep the brand! Wear your new merch loud and proud to spread the word.

  • An important part of being ambassador is getting others involved in the MGBU spirit! You will be hosting or tabling events on your campus such as pop-ups or beauty workshops.

  • Every month, you’ll compete in challenges for drool-worthy prizes! We will have 3 monthly winners!

  • For College students, Be a voice for your campus! We want you to tell us what the people want and need.

  • You will be a part of our exclusive Facebook group as an active member! We’ll be posting monthly ambassador features and information about new perks. You can also meet fellow ambassadors and see how they’re hacking the program.

  • Did we mention? Every ambassador will be automatically entered to win a $250 scholarship at the end of the academic school year! What more could you ask for! Applies to college ambassadors.

So…What are you waiting for? Apply Now!

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