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What's Your Zodiac Sign: Leo

What's Your Zodiac Sign: Leo

Photographer:   @iipixphotography   Makeup Artist: @ officialjaimesweeney   Model: @ officialjaimesweeney

Photographer:  @iipixphotography

Makeup Artist: @officialjaimesweeney

Model: @officialjaimesweeney

Leo, Leo, Leo...what can we say? You are probably one of the most notable signs in all of the Zodiac. There’s an undeniable warmth about you that everyone seems to pick up on when first meeting you, but the downside is...you hate being ignored!

It’s no secret, you love the limelight and the limelight, oh so, loves you! Getting attention is totally your thing. It’s not your fault you turn heads when you walk into a room is a phrase you’re often telling your besties. Leos are natural born leaders that many cannot resist. You are self-confident, creative, passionate and cheerful.

Which is why you are capable of creating some of the most innovative makeup looks--ever. Think about it, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Whitney Houston, what do they all have in common? They are all your Leo sisters!

You take chances with your makeup. It doesn’t bother you to break all the traditions such as staying away from dark eyeliners and shying away from bold colors. You own every makeup trend you decide to try.

You enjoy a challenge, but sometimes you find yourself in a sticky situation, because you may secretly like drama at times (we won’t judge, we all do it).

Your independent nature drives you to try those deep contours and perfectly chiseled cut creases because your self-confidence allows you to know you are the only one who can pull this off. No makeup trend is impossible for you. But we all know sometimes you can be so stubborn and maybe even a little self-centered that it may get in the way of you reaching your full potential at times.

Leos are considered the “King of Jungle” which is why you live for an amazing golden deep highlight. You take immense pride in being one of the few makeup lovers who actually brainstorm their makeup looks beforehand.

Since you have such a big personality, your personal mantra is “go big or go home.” You probably say this phrase every day before you leave the house! Because one again, you own everything you do.

For our Leo sisters, you should try some of the boldest makeup trends out there. You probably spend hours watching the latest Jackie Aina or Patrick Starr’s YouTube videos in your spare time and consider them your idols. You love taking long trips to Ulta or Sephora and you never ever can leave empty handed!

You spend hours perfecting your craft and once you step out the door, everyone notices your makeup efforts. You get tons of compliments every time you step out the door and you love every single last one of them!

You know you love the attention!

To our Leo tribe, this piece is devoted to your boldness, sassiness and daring nature. Now go out there and show the rest of us how to get it done!

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous, natural born leaders.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible

Leo Likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friend

  • Because you are the original Golden Girl: you would have to try the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter. This highlighter offers one of the best liquid-to-powder formulas out there to take from you from a dull look to an instant glow. We’re talking a heavy pigmented metallic shine! Shine on!
  • To satisfy your color craving: there is only one eyeshadow palette for you to try. The BH Cosmetics Take to Brazil Palette has your zodiac sign written all over it! This palette was inspired by Brazil’s holy grail of events--Rio’s Carnival! This 35-shade palette offers an amazing and vibrant selection of press powders in every daring shade.
  • Don’t forget, for your bold lip: How can you not try Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick? This line now carries over 40 vivacious colors that applies as a gloss but dries as an amazing matte finish. With bright blue hues and flashy reds and pinks, this line is almost as versatile as your personality Leo :)
What's Mocha Girl Beauty

What's Mocha Girl Beauty

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