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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

Vintage Beauty Secrets for Women of Color

Vintage Beauty Secrets for Women of Color

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Photos by:  @jachristo   Model:  @thegirlbouttown  Makeup by:  @itsmspinky    Text by:  @im_kelpsea  & Melissa Borrego

Photos by: @jachristo

Model: @thegirlbouttown Makeup by: @itsmspinky 

Text by: @im_kelpsea & Melissa Borrego

Out with the old and in with the new! It’s time for us all to spring clean our beauty routines. Bright neon lights, poppin’ highlighters, vintage beauty, and dazzling diamonds are the newest inspirations for the upcoming beauty season. The traditional bronze glow is outdated, with daring makeup artists and bold beauty influencers crossing beauty borders we have yet to see in the beauty industry.

For this month’s trend report, we are featuring four different runway-inspired looks and highlighting (pun intended) how women of color can pull off any radical trend for the new season. Whether you plan to up the ante for your beauty routine or keep it minimalistic, there’s a source of inspiration for every multicultural women in our trend report.

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vintage makeup look for brown skin

Its out with the new and in with the old! Sometimes the styles decades past make a reappearance in the best ways possible. Who knew our grandmother’s makeup routine would make a comeback?

Popular makeup icons that started vintage trends were stars like Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. However, women of color played up the vintage trend as well. We can’t forget about Li Li-Hua, Lena Horne, and Josephine Baker!

The beauty of the return of vintage wings or groovy lashes is that the world of makeup is now more inclusive. People of color are rocking these old glam looks and slaying the game. This trend is definitely usable for everyday wear and can be a way to switch up your look. It’s as simple as changing up your mascara routine, picking up a bolder lip, or amping up that winged liner.

vintage makeup look

Products to look for:

  • Besame Cosmetics: Ever wish you could go back in time to the OG makeup? Besame Cosmetics specializes in vintage from “cake” mascara and creamy blush that doubles as a lip tint! The design of the products is an ode to the past, however it never loses its charm.
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette ($42): The Balm Cosmetics is another makeup brand that specializes in puns and the vintage aesthetic. With pinup-style art adorning the packages, you can feel old Hollywood glam with modern quality makeup. This neutral color palette is great for those soft looks when you want to focus on that iconic red lip or lashes.

  • Benefit Roller-lash ($24): There are a lot of amazing products in this brand that can be used to achieve vintage glam, but one favorite is the Roller-lash mascara. It lifts up your lashes and gives them the volume you need to wow the public.

  • House of Lashes Starlet Falsies ($30): If you aren’t gifted with thick lashes, or want the extra added beauty then check out the House of Lashes. The Starlet falsies are perfect for glamour and achieving this vintage persona.

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