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Vintage Beauty is For You Too

Vintage Beauty is For You Too

Photos: Jessica Barajas Makeup Artist: Cherese Burnley & Safira McGrew 

Models: Ismatu Sannoh, Beca Cavenecia, Reshmi Aryal 

Text: Melissa Borrego

Vintage Beauty was all about keeping your makeup look simple, sultry, and sassy. Old Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly trademarked the vintage glam look with three key points: bold brows, cat-winged eyeliner, and the unforgettable red lip.

And even some of the stars went to extreme lengths to get their signature vintage look. Audrey Hepburn trademarked her signature doe-eyed look by having her makeup artist use a safety pin to separate her lashes to draw even more attention to her eyes….yikes!

Although the vintage beauty trend was predominantly marketed for white women, there were also well-noted minority women who nailed the look. Icons such as Lena Horne, Josephine Baker, and Li Li-Hua all showed that vintage beauty can be achievable for any brown woman.

We’re here to tell you that vintage beauty can accomplished on any skin tone and any ethnicity. Vintage beauty is for women of color too! You can rock a bright red lipstick like Marilyn and pull off bold brows like Audrey anyday of the week!

It’s all in deciding the right colors for your skintone and your undertones. First, we’re going to start off with your foundation. Vintage beauty was all about having a matte and shine-free complexion. You don’t have to go too expensive to achieve the vintage glam look, we recommend Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation ($8) that comes in a wide range of colors and can be found in almost any drugstore. Plus, it won’t break your bank either!  

If you want to opt for something a little pricier, we recommend Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation ($35). This foundation covers a lot of ground! It’s a full-coverage foundation that has a matte finish, lasts 24-hours, and the best news, it comes in a wide range of 30 shades.

Next, we need to achieve bold brows. The best way to achieve the bold-brow look is plucking less! Natural eyebrows are preferable, so try to avoid over-tweezing. While you are in the process of growing out your brows, you can fill them in using a brow gel or pencil of your choice. We are obsessed with Benefit’s Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil ($24).

This pencil packs a payoff a 12-hour waterproof formula and allows you a super easy way to shape and fill those gorgeous brows.

The cat-winged liner look can be a bit tricky, but with practices comes perfection! Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it right the first time. Audrey Hepburn probably couldn’t get it right on the first try either! You will need to find the angle for your eyeliner that fits your eye shape. Not all eyes are shaped the same, so be sure to test out which angle works best for your beautiful eyes.

Whatever shape your eyes are, we recommend E.L.F’s Intense Ink  Eyeliner ($3). This holy grail of eyeliner will not break the bank and offers a quick-dry formula that won’t smear or smudge. The felt-tip also allows for precise application for that perfect cat eye.

Last, but not least, is the red lip. As a lip primer, use any chapstick or lip balm to keep your lips flake-free. To find the right red for your complexion, try these tips:

  • Caramel Complexions tends to have a yellow-based undertone. Try using a cherry lippie.
  • Golden Dark Skin also tends to have a yellow undertone. Try a true red to brighten your complexion.
  • Deep Complexions can vary in undertones, try an orange-based red can really make your lips pop!

Now go out there and #Slay your Vintage Beauty look.

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