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Try This 1950s Glam Look for Halloween

Try This 1950s Glam Look for Halloween

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Photographer:  @jachristo /Retoucher:  @luisparradesign   Makeup:  @mua.lay   Model:  @  hjnoorie    Text:  @im_kelpsea     

Photographer: @jachristo/Retoucher: @luisparradesign

Makeup: @mua.lay

Model: @hjnoorie 

Text: @im_kelpsea    

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You can embody your favorite reality TV character, Stepford wife, or 1950s dream mom. If you live for the aesthetic, consider trying out brands such as The Balm Cosmetics or ColourPop. Both brands offer quality products at good prices. The key to mastering this appearance is in the attitude. It isn’t until you channel the unstoppable, yet carefree persona, that you truly become the ultimate housewife. Don’t forget to add the signature part of this look... the wedding ring!

The key to nailing this look is mastering that traditional femininity. You can go as extra or lavish as you want this Halloween. Pink plays an important role in the makeup, as you will want the shade that says “lush living” and not just “Barbie.”

A mix between vintage pink and rose are the vibes that you are striving for. Keep it classy by keeping it monochromatic! The eyeliner and lashes will tie it all together along with a flawless application of foundation. Pack on the powder to make sure you stay matte all day. You know you aren’t done until you are baked to perfection like a freshly made pie.

In assembling your wardrobe, there are so many ways to nail this look. You’ll want to be effortlessly fabulous, yet comfortable. Be the glam before the glam by borrowing your grandma’s rollers from the 60s or grabbing some plain pink rollers from the dollar store. If you are feeling extra crafty, you can add some bling to your rollers just like we did!

Strategically put your hair up and pin for security. It is usually easiest to start at the front and work your way to the back. If you have short hair, then let it be or use pins to pull it back or create pin curls. You could even wrap it up in a decorative headscarf, the 1950s way.

This specific style calls for a nice satin robe or a plush if you’re feeling cozy over fancy. Of course, we suggest wearing something under these, but that is entirely up to you. A two-piece pajama set or cute bodycon dress are excellent options if you’re going out later! Fuzzy or pink boa slippers top off the look and really help to accessorize this iconic look. When you are finally feelin' yourself, hold your head high and take a sip of that champagne flute.

How to slay Cleopatra makeup banner

Level of difficulty: 7/10

Amount of time required: 45 minutes

Don't forget your cocktail ring for this look!

Don't forget your cocktail ring for this look!

If you want to give this look a try, we recommend the following:

  1. Step 1: Apply your favorite foundation. Use whichever beauty sponge or brush works for you and will leave you with a flawless finish. Don't forget to apply your moisturizer and primer first! 

  2. Step 2: Follow our go-to glam rule: contour, blush, highlight! No glam look is complete without a clean contour, luminous blush, and beaming highlight. 

  3. Now for the fun part, lips and eyes! The ultimate housewife is showered in pink, everywhere! Go for monochromatic, blushing pink colors for the eyes and lips. 

  4. What's a housewife without a fabulous updo? The curlers complete the look, so don't forget these! 

  5. A proper housewife always takes care of her hands. Be sure to go monochromatic with your nails as well. Any pink nail polish will do! Don't forget the signature wedding ring, as all housewives show off their glam rings! 

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