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This is the Best Aquarius Makeup Look

This is the Best Aquarius Makeup Look

Photographer:     @ii_pix_photography_    Makeup Artist:  @nofxgivenmua   Model:  @  bmoneyoakland   Text: Melissa Borrego

Photographer:  @ii_pix_photography_ 

Makeup Artist: @nofxgivenmua

Model: @bmoneyoakland

Text: Melissa Borrego

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Aquarius, you are the definition of avant-garde! You love to experiment and there’s nothing you haven’t tried.

Wakeup and makeup is your daily grind. Without a full face beat, you’re not walking out the door! And not without the perfect selfie, of course. Scrolling down your Instagram profile is every makeup newbie’s dream, as you’re always looking like the next #InstaBaddie and showing off your latest Sephora haul!

Although you have a passion for beauty, you know makeup is not everything. Your brain matches your beauty too! As an Aquarius, you’re always fighting for a cause and trying to help others. Even for makeup, you’re socially conscious and look beyond the pigmentation in the makeup you purchase. What a brand stands for matters most, and you’ll never drop money on a new product launch that goes against your humanitarian beliefs.

aquarius makeup look zodiac makeup
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With your makeup always on point, your hair doesn’t fall behind either. You never let a bad hair day get the best of you! Got a little frizz? You’ll throw it up into a super cute top knot. Are your baby hairs growing a mind of their own? You know how to perfectly style those babies and look cute while doing it!

Your makeup collection is a Sephora in itself, and you’re the first person in line to pick up the newest beauty products to hit the sales floor. Your best friends don’t need Trend Mood when they have you as their bestie!

As a natural team player and social butterfly, you assimilate easily into any environment and social setting. There’s no topic of conversation you can’t make your way into! Whether it be about science, sports, or makeup, you know how to keep an amazing conversation going. It’s not surprising to find out that you have a friend in almost every city, and it’s less surprising to find you crashing on their couch after a wild night out!

aquarius zodaic makeup look

Your free spirit leads you to embark on spontaneous adventures, and you’ve always got a new story to tell. As Uranus as your ruling planet, you can blame your unpredictable energy on the universe!

However, some days you are a ball of energy and the next day you’re the quiet type. It can drive your friends a little crazy, but you just need to take care of your introverted tendencies. We all need a little time to recharge! Self-care is your a must for your rambunctious sign, so be sure to mentally check yourself and take a much needed day off. A little wine, few hours at the nail salon, and few slices of pizza never hurt anyone!

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Though, an Aquarius can never take a staycation for too long. Boredom is your absolute worst nightmare! You’re in constant need of stimulation and you’re always thinking of something. In the rare event of doing absolutely nothing, you love to kill time scrolling through various social media outlets. As a natural people person, you can’t be alone for too long!

aquarius makeup look
zodiac makeup traits

Strengths: Progressiveness, independent, imaginative, original, humanitarian

Weaknesses: Insensitive, uncompromising, temperamental, runs from emotional expression

Aquarius Likes: Fighting for a cause/justice, hanging out with friends, listening to others, helping others, stimulating conversation

aquarius zodiac makeup traits
  • Your holy-grail lipstick for any experimental look: Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Up 2 No Good ($18) matches not only your wild side, but just about any creative beat you decide to flaunt for the day!

  • The blush kit that makes you feel powerful: Real Her’s blush kit ($32) makes you feel empowered all day, every day. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing that you’re wearing a brand that supports women empowerment!

  • Your obsessed with this beauty world obsession: Huda Beauty’s Obsession Eyeshadow Palette ($27) satisfies your color cravings while allowing you to experiment with day to day looks and embrace the avant-garde in every Aquarius.

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