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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

This is how to Become a Boho Goddess this Summer

This is how to Become a Boho Goddess this Summer

2019 Boho Looks to Try for Brown Girls

There are only a few words come to mind when we think of the ever so classic, bold, glamorous, and beautiful ways to dress up & bring life to any style or look. The magical feel and style of Boho Chic sings of melodic rhythms of never ending beauty and strength to our hearts as the warm summer days are vividly coming our way. So it’s time to end the trends of wearing neutral tones and bring in the fresh & warmth vibe of bold hues like mauve pink, tangerine orange, and the oh so classic white right to your everyday wardrobe and fashion as it’s now the time for us to embrace and fearlessly be the beautiful queens we are in our elegant & stylish maxi dresses, crown jewels, and soft & natural makeup.

Boho Looks to try for Summer

As every girl’s favorite season of the year -- summer comes it’s time we live our best life like never before and enjoy every moment of soaking up the glorious sun and walking the sands of the beach or feeling the breeze upon our skin coming to remind you that it’s never too late to relax, and free your mind for just a moment. This season, MGB wants to help you channel your inner boho chic in an effortless yet timeless way that works perfectly with any budget and saves you lots of time. The real beauty of boho chic is that you can’t go right or wrong with it! It’s all about exquisitely expressing your true self fashionably and boldly walking away from the worldly trends that always seem to change with time.

Boho Vibes for Brown Women

The origins of boho chic dates back to the 60’s and 70’s where people wanted to connect their fashion style to the elements of the Earth some may say that it’s synonymous to the hippie style. The glamorization of the Boho chic style came into effect when it made its way into the world of high fashion again during the early 2000’s by models like Kate Moss. Just in case -- you were thinking of where to find inspiration and gain more of a visual sense of understanding behind everything Boho chic represents clothing & lifestyle brands such as Free People & Cleobella will be a perfect guide. What makes this effortless yet alluring style so charming is the eloquent mix of modern and vintage. It’s all about staying comfortable all the while looking effortlessly classy.

As a collection of linen or free flowing maxi dresses, piecing together statement jewels, and nice soft and natural makeup look that will bring your inner boho chic to the front and center as your vibe & aura will match truly how you feel. You can also mix and match in whichever way you feel is best with floral patterns and smoky earth tones throughout your style too.

boho makeup looks for black women

If you want to incorporate this chic and timeless style into your wardrobe -- one of the most versatile and simplest ways to embrace the boho chic is to focus on building a collection of clothing that gives you freedom and confidence. You can start by enjoying the style of puffed or off the shoulder sleeves when it comes to shirts and/or dresses. Just don’t let it stop you from buying one in every color as this is all about and how you feel in your fashion.

There are a few perfect and yet affordable options that we absolutely love and want to share with you  Off the Shoulder White Crop ($12.90) Forever 21 as you can rock this style shirt pretty much anywhere. For a more casual boho chic feel you may like the Tiered Butterfly Sleeve Top ($25) also from Forever21. Another staple piece is a loose white tank with simple accents of lace or trim. A cute option that sets the vibe perfectly for any occasion is one of our faves -- a halter shirt in a neutral or earth tone color as the Jacquard Weave Top & Pant Set ($24) from H&M can serve as the perfect solution. Now if you want you can choose to pair the shirts with your favorite pair of palazzo pants or try some cozy linen pants. We chose to pair a tank embellished with lots of texture with a white skirt much like this one from Lulu’s for ($45).

Nothing says boho chic quite like a nice maxi dress though! Forever 21 has a Abstract Halter Dress ($45) with a gorgeous colorful pattern that can be worn out for a summer party or for a fun day at the beach. If you’re more of a minimal and simplistic kind of fashionista -- this beautiful and elegant white Crochet Trim Maxi Dress  ($27.90) at Forever21 may be best. Now if you’re more of a glamorous and chic kinda of gal -- you may find this beauty to be quite exquisite and treat yourself to this Embroidered Tulle Gown  ($68.00) because you deserve it as this gown  only comes in a subtle tone of a delicate blush pink -- simply amazing for a romantic getaway with your partner while enjoying a carefree vacation for two somewhere on an island.

If you’re inspired to wear a similar style to our orange dress look, the Boho Me Shibori Dress ($58) from the Boho Me line is the perfect dupe! Something a bit more on the fancy side can be found at Lulu’s with their Mustard Yellow Wrap Dress ($52) that allows you to feel chic while stylishly rocking a bright color.

2019 boho looks to try for summer

A fresh way to add personality to your wardrobe is through your makeup. With our boho chic looks, our goal was to inspire you to create something that’s a little more daring -- in a good way, of course! Start with a dewy base with the foundation of your choice. If you’re wearing this makeup to a festival, be sure to use full coverage with an all day setting spray. The next step is to define those amazing brows!

A pro-tip is to use a mascara as a brow gel if you have extra thick brows which we simply just love! Now let’s begin the oh so fun part. Two major defining pieces of this look is the diamante eyes and the bold use of eyeshadow. First, carefully use a small dime size of lash glue to apply rhinestones around your eyes in an almond shape.

Then, you can choose to add matte brown shadows to the lids before adding the rhinestones in order to give more definition to your eyes. After this, take a deep tone red or a bold orange color to add a highlight at the top of your brows and along your high cheekbones moving towards your temple. If you’d like you can choose to focus the pigment on the outer corners. Lastly, be sure to choose your favorite gloss that’s not only pretty in color but moisturizing in every way and graciously apply it on your lips. For a more long-lasting and comfortable look, you can switch out the rhinestones and use eye glitter or a liquid shimmer instead.

In whichever way you feel to express your true self never forget to bring your confidence with you as all of your beauty radiates from within and not solely from the clothes you choose to wear. May you gracefully and fearlessly step into this new season with a new burst of joy and embrace this season as an opportunity to show yourself love in the best way possible no matter what -- Happy Summer Beauty!

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