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These Festival Makeup Looks are Cute AF....

These Festival Makeup Looks are Cute AF....

festival makeup banner
2018 festival makeup looks

It’s that time of year again, where IG feeds are filled with rhinestone faces and next level summer outfits. With Coachella kicking off the season, festival goers are not only planning their schedules but assembling their outfits. Music festival fun is just beginning and you better be ready!

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Contrary to popular belief, music festivals go farther back than the 1969’s world-renowned Woodstock Festival. Music festivals predate the 20th century and were an integral to a variety of cultures ranging from the ancient Greeks to the Scottish. Throughout the 20th century, music festivals have evolved into being more diverse, both in the types of music and the crowd gathering to see the performance. The 90s brought electronic dance music and Coachella to the festival scene and from there it flourished into the cultural phenomenon we know today.

Even more of a social media phenomenon are the iconic styles it has generated through the years! You can never go wrong with bright colors, flowers in your hair, or crocheted bralettes. However, feel free to take inspiration from festival queens such as Vanessa Hudgens.

It’s an opportunity to make a statement and we want to help guide you through the journey! Check out some these amazing Festival looks we're loving.

festival makeup looks
festival makeup looks for black women
Ps: if you’re loving the glow, check out  @glogirlcosmetics  highlighter in the shade “Cocoa Glo

Ps: if you’re loving the glow, check out @glogirlcosmetics highlighter in the shade “Cocoa Glo

Flower crowns and boho chic are practically iconic for summer music fests! Easily buy some faux foliage from a craft store or pick some flowers from your local garden. Use them in as an accent or weave them into your braids.

Inspired by the bright colors of nature, this look caters to bold colors that make you pop. The Zulu Palette from Juvia’s Place offers a set of 9 pigmented shades that are a little different than the usual primary colors.

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Try using some neutral colors for a light smokey eye on the top, and make your eyes stand out by placing yellows or bright blues on your lower lash line. If you want your eye color to seem brighter, pick a color to contrast!

Since your eyes are the main attraction, try out a nice shade of coral for your lips and cheeks. Charlotte Tilbury’s coral lipstick is a great option and can be used as a creamy blush. The final touch is to add rhinestones of your choosing! We recommend trying out the face jewels from MissPap. If you are in a pinch, grab some eyelash glue and gems from the dollar store.

festival makeup for black women
festival makeup looks for brown women
2018 festival makeup trends to try

When it comes to music festivals, you can easily try out a look that leaves you shining. Using products like the ones from Too Faced’s Festival collection you can opt for a colorful and metallic eye look with the rainbow shaped eyeshadow palette!

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You can even use the eyeshadows on top of your lipstick if you want to make it feel more matte or if you don’t want to purchase their liquid lip topper. If you’re looking for some high impact glitter, definitely check out the Jolie Beauty palette with 24 shadows!

When applying, don’t be afraid. For the finer glitters, use generously along your cheeks and eyes. Try creating a crescent shape along your temples and cheekbones for an iconic look. Add more definition by using the thicker glitter on the high points of your face.

With looser glitters, apply to the collar bones or decolletage! For your lips try using a bright pink like ColourPop’s Chance Satin Lip and even apply more sparkle on top. Glitter tattoos are also your friend so give them a try!

golden festival makeup look
2018 golden festival makeup look to try

Going monochrome is an easy and classy way of making a fashion statement. Pick a favorite color and stick to it whether that’s pink, blue, or even black!

This makeup is a bit more simple and pays more attention to detail. Keep your base dewy and flawless so that colors stand out on your face. For your lips use a liquid lipstick such as ones from NYX or check out Juvia’s Place! Juvia’s Place has a terracotta liquid lip that would be great for any skin tone.


Next, be a little daring with your eyes and try a new technique. Place a neutral shade on your lid as a base first. Then using a thin eyeshadow brush, make a line above your eyelid crease, following the curve and ending where the point of your brow is. You want to blend the edges a little bit so the line isn’t as harsh.

Apply the same color below your eyes along the water line and smoke it out a little. If you aren’t one for precision, you could also pack on the color to your lids and create a very dramatic cat-eye! For extra pizazz, add jewels to your cheeks or next to your eyes.

Music Festival Season is a time to enjoy yourself and have fun with your style! You may have missed Coachella, but that doesn’t mean there’s no other events coming up this summer in your area! We compiled a list of festivals that may be near you.

Upcoming Music Festivals

Boston Calling (May 25-27)

Bottle Rock (May 25-27)

Camp Bisco (July 12-14)

Governors Ball (June 1-3)

Lollapalooza (August 2-5)

North Coast Music Festival (August 31-September 2)

Outsidelands (August 10-12)

Panorama Festival (July 27-29)

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