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These Are the 10 Best Halloween Makeup Looks

These Are the 10 Best Halloween Makeup Looks

Photographer:  @jachristo /Retoucher:  @luisparradesign   Makeup:  @annaconnieeexmua ,  mua.lay  &  @glamtamtam    Text: Mocha Girl Beauty Staff

Photographer: @jachristo/Retoucher: @luisparradesign

Makeup: @annaconnieeexmuamua.lay@glamtamtam 

Text: Mocha Girl Beauty Staff

Trick or treat?! The Super Bowl of makeup has arrived, Halloween! We gave you all the spooky details on how to nail 10 different #BooLaLa looks for Halloween and now it's your turn to showcase your recreations.

What's your favorite look? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to upload your looks on social media and tag us! You never know, a treat may be in store for you!

Pop Art Makeup Look

Pop Art

This artistic makeup trend may seem complex and overly complicated for the casual makeup wearer, but it is actually quite simple! 

Edited_W7A0066_2 (5).jpg


If you’ve been unsure as to when you should use your favorite rainbow highlighters, this is the time to whip them out! 

Day of the dead makeup look

Day of the Dead

The origins of this cultural day can be traced back to the Aztecs. However, in mainstream culture today, it’s mostly known for the traditional Catrina (skull) makeup that has become a Halloween fast favorite.

cleopatra makeup look


No two Cleopatras will ever look the same, but you can slay your look this year.

Fortune teller makeup look

Fortune Teller

Out of all the costume possibilities, the fortune teller look may be the easiest to achieve for the most casual makeup user. If you have already mastered a basic smokey eye look, the fortune teller costume is for you!

Mother Nature halloween makeup

Mother Nature

Owning a look such as Mother Nature requires the utmost confidence. This isn’t a costume for the weak. Strong minded souls are the only ones who can apply for this look!

housewife halloween makeup


You can embody your favorite reality TV character, Stepford wife, or 1950s dream mom. he key to mastering this appearance is in the attitude. It isn’t until you channel the unstoppable, yet carefree persona, that you truly become the ultimate housewife. 

sfx makeup looks

SFX Makeup

When it comes to achieving your Halloween look, you’ll have to first decide on what you are going for. Whether that is using a concoction of blacks and browns to resemble a woodland animal or using reds and purple paint to recreate a gnarly encounter with Freddy Krueger.

RE_EDITED_W7A0411_1 (2) (2).jpg

Hello, Kitty

Keep in mind, this look is not only the easiest to achieve in a time crunch, but it’s also one of the most budget friendly looks. 

witch halloween makeup look


Every year we see a different variation of the Witch, find out ho to create the perfect spell-bounding look this Halloween

Bye, Halloween 2017!

Bye, Halloween 2017!

Slay Your Dia de los Muertos Halloween Makeup

Slay Your Dia de los Muertos Halloween Makeup