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The Universal Makeup Look for Every Pisces

The Universal Makeup Look for Every Pisces

Photographer:     @ii_pix_photography_    Makeup Artist:  @nofxgivenmua   Model:  @tamikademill   Text: Kelsea Villanueva   

Photographer:  @ii_pix_photography_ 

Makeup Artist: @nofxgivenmua

Model: @tamikademill

Text: Kelsea Villanueva


zodiac makeup look

As the ice thaws after a cold winter, the bright light of Pisces season peeks through. You are a one of a kind romantic who embraces the beauty in everything. You shine with radiance and this is clear to those around you, especially with this season’s looks!

It's the start of your season and your makeup truly shows it! With your birthday nearing, you know you are going to shine bright. This isn't the time to be weary of bold colors, as any color will complement you during your prime time! Warm tones suit you year round, but feel free to venture off into the wild side and pick up a bright coral you're not usually used to wearing. 

Be proud and take ownership of your crown! This time of year makes you feel the most creative, so you'll likely be experimenting a lot in the next few days. Wear your experimentation with confidence and you'll get many compliments on your new found boldness! Remember, a little extra lipstick never hurt anyone! 

Your being emanates positive vibes, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to you! As you are one of the most tolerant of the signs, you get along well with others and look for the good in them. One of your talents is making those deep connections and forming strong relationships with those you choose. These individuals are lucky to be a part of your inner circle! With Pisces, you are a water sign which means you are also very intuitive and empathetic. This ability to be more in touch with what’s around you and others’ emotions makes you a reliable and compassionate friend.

Since you have a selfless nature, you must be very careful will how willing you are to drop anything and help others. While the world could use more people like you, that also means you are prone to getting taking advantage of. Stay true to your generosity, but don’t lose sight of who is really your friend. It is best for you to have quality over quantity, as you treasure true connections.

pisces makeup look zodiac makeup
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Because you seek the beauty within, it is no wonder that you are an incorrigible romantic. You wouldn’t mind having that perfect 80’s movie rom-com relationship or making cute Pinterest DIYs for your significant other. When you fall for someone it may not come as easily, but you do fall hard.

Anything that can get your creative mind thinking is a plus for you! Being a Pisces, you are likely to have an artistic side that often guides your interests. This abstract side of you is very interesting, though may not always be practical. Remember to come back down to earth sometimes and make sure to give yourself a reality check. You can easily become scatterbrained when taking on daunting tasks so spend some time for yourself when things get too hectic.

As a Pisces, your style reflects the romantic and artistic side of you, however that may look! You welcome what’s trendy, but make sure to add your own flair to how you wear it. Often, you might find yourself reaching for fun colors or subtle touches of rose gold. Depending on the day and the occasion you keep it soft, but fierce aesthetic. You put a lot of care into your presentation and are always excited when you get a chance to dress up.

pisces zodaic makeup look

When it comes to makeup, the artist in you shines! Since you have a knack for creativity, you like those products that give you the opportunity to experiment. From those soft vintage pink palettes to the rainbow selection of eyeshadows, you like to go all out or not at all. You may be one to prefer the intense Instagram selfie looks complete with bold lashes, or one to sport unique colors of eyeliner.

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pisces makeup look
zodiac makeup traits

Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr

Pisces Likes: Being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, good communication

aquarius zodiac makeup traits
  • Yes Please! Pressed Powder Palette ($16): With a great mix of warm tones in this palette, you can create a dazzling sunset eye to reflect the light from within. The yellow shades are perfect for a pigmented gold look and a touch of the rose gold shimmers are lovely for a romantic like you.

  • Box of Crayons shadow Palette by The Crayon Case ($30): Any artist can appreciate a good crayon! Channel that old school nostalgia and create some fun makeup looks with this colorful palette. It comes with the basic primary colors of course and even some blending shades for versatility and everyday use.

  • Becca Cosmetics Parisian Lights Highlighter ($38): For someone who gives off such positive vibes, your highlighter should do the same. This is perfect for a day spent out on the cobblestone stone Paris streets or at least when you are wishing you’re there.

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