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The Brown Girl’s Styling Guide for the Holiday Season

The Brown Girl’s Styling Guide for the Holiday Season

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Photographer:   @chrisdurandalba      Makeup artist:  @itsmspinky   Models:  @_chrstnzng ,  @cyn_hamm ,  @riri_e   &  @hjnoorie      Text: Melissa Borrego &  @im_kelpsea

Photographer:  @chrisdurandalba   

Makeup artist: @itsmspinky

Models: @_chrstnzng, @cyn_hamm, @riri_e  & @hjnoorie   

Text: Melissa Borrego & @im_kelpsea

A change of weather means a change of wardrobe! With the holiday cheer already in the air, it’s time to pull out the lights, paper snowflakes, and adorn yourself with all the glitz and glam of the season. Whether you.png
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The holiday season means statement season! You want to make an entrance at your next family gathering or work party. Reach for that sequined mini dress that will take everyone’s eyes off the Christmas tree and put them on you. Green and red are classic colors for the holiday season, however, don’t feel like you need to stick to traditional colors. Choose a color that fits your vibe! Pair any dress with neutral colored heels, or gold strappy heels if you want the added pizzazz.

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Another great way to stand out is to pick a piece that is bedazzled with shine and wear it with pants or a blouse that is more muted. Take a sequined skirt and wear it with a cozy sweater! It’s a simple, yet eye-catching look that can be dressed up with more accessories.

If you’re absolutely obsessed with neutrals, grab that gold sequin dress and those statement earrings so that you are dripping in gold. Can’t seem to find a dress? Look for some gold lustre pants to pair with a white blouse. Choose to add some decked out necklaces that are gift-worthy.

Comfortable can be classy too! You take that chill part of the holidays and make it iconic. For the beauty that may not feel like rocking all the sparkle, try opting for a more subtle look of white or black and adding accessories. You are chic and simplistic, bringing the fun with your inviting atmosphere, so you don’t need too much to bring the life to the party. For example, a black lace dress evokes just the right amount attention you want at any holiday party, but still keeps your overall look classy.

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A bold accent piece will take your outfit to the next level and keep it true to you. You can still keep up the glam by wearing colors like red! It has Hollywood written all over it and looks good on anyone.              

If you want to make the aesthetic more elegant, maxi dresses or skirts take you to that level.

A red dress looks drop dead gorgeous on just about anyone, it suits so many skin tones! You can choose whether you prefer gold or silver jewelry on your skin tone, but be sure to never mix the two! As a rule of thumb, gold jewelry looks best on individuals warm undertones and silver jewelry looks best on individuals with cool undertones.

There are so many holiday dresses and the options can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you choose to keep it traditional or experiment with a radical look, be sure to rock it with confidence. After all, confidence is what truly slays any outfit!

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