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#Taurus, Here's the Best Zodiac Makeup to Try

#Taurus, Here's the Best Zodiac Makeup to Try

Photographer:     @ii_pix_photography_    Makeup Artist:  @nofxgivenmua   Model:  @bmoneyoakland   Text:  @im_kelpsea    

Photographer:  @ii_pix_photography_ 

Makeup Artist: @nofxgivenmua

Model: @bmoneyoakland

Text: @im_kelpsea


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With spring bringing in bright skies and blooming flowers, the power of the Taurus blossoms as well! You are a strong personality, with a grounded mindset that helps keep others in check. You have an eye for the finer things in life and know how to spot a diamond in the rough! (literally and metaphorically!) It’s easy for others to vibe with you as you have a charming nature.


When it comes to having a good head on your shoulders, you easily set an example. You are reliable as a worker and as a friend when it comes to getting the job done or even remembering a birthday! As an earth sign, it is clear that you are steady like a rock. Sometimes this can even come across as intimidating to others! However, they shouldn’t be fooled as you carry a kind and thoughtful heart.

The people around you admire your motivation to succeed and they appreciate your voice of reason when it comes to advice on day to day tasks. Generally easy-going, people love to talk to you as you can be calm in times of need. You are practical, but just make sure to keep an open mind! You might miss out on cool opportunities if you fall into a constant routine. Though you may not be comfortable with sudden change, you may find it brings in surprises.

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Since your ruling planet is Venus, it’s natural for you to have an eye for aesthetics or love the things that appeal to the senses. From live music performances, or satin pajamas you are quick to enjoy the finer things in life. Just because you can be a bit expensive, doesn’t mean you’re not willing to work for what you want! It’s easy to indulge, though that can become problematic when you don’t keep yourself in check. With that need for stimulation of the senses, you are always looking for a change of scene and trying to find something that makes you feel content.

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When it comes to the people you love, you are fiercely loyal to your friends and loved ones. A true ride or die. Because you care so intensely, you are often slow to trust new people that enter your life and you keep a small core circle of friends with you throughout your life. Stability is something you appreciate in any relationship, but it’s important for you to feel a connection in order for it to last.

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As a Taurus, your style reflects your temperament as you find the perfect balance of practicality and flare. You inner strength shines through as you opt for a combat boot or an iconic piece of denim. It is important for you to be able to keep to your style while still being able to go about your day, rain or shine.


You may match your favorite dress with a pair of walking shoes or maybe a favorite sweater with a flashy skirt! You aren’t afraid to switch up your look to your moods especially when you’re feeling yourself. When the time comes for a fancy event, you are the first to reach for the glitz and glam to make your outfit a memorable one.

Your makeup can go from bare face to all-out glam, depending on what your schedule allows! You tend to have a staple product that you can’t leave the house without or a favorite color that matches every outfit you own. You have a specific routine that makes your look unique.


zodiac makeup traits

Strengths: Fine foods, consistency, romance, music

Weaknesses: Chaos, bossiness, unpredictability, dull routine

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  • Boujee Beauty: Koko lashes Baby G ($7.99) On those days when you like to be flashy, you want to opt for a thick set of long lashes to complete your look. They will give you that flirty vibe making it hard to resist! The price is also affordable when you want to be fancy on a budget.

  • Lippie Stix: Colourpop Taurus ($5.50) This rusty orange shade is a no-brainer for Taurus babes! Colourpop gets this matte lip right as it matches all skin tones. It’s perfect for an Earth sign and can be used in every season.

  • You're Making Me Blush: Fenty Chili Mango ($25.00) Fenty is the perfect brand for a strong sign like you and the Chili Mango is perfect for a bold pop of blush or highlight. The packaging makes it practical enough for everyday use, and the formula makes it versatile if you are on the go.

  • Glow, Baby, Glow : Morphe Babe in Paradise ($29.00) As someone who opts for the finer things in life, this highlighter palette will make you look like you just traveled the tropics! The six shades of glowing shimmers will make you feel luxurious inside and out.

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