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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

Review: Here's the Real Tea on RealHer

Review: Here's the Real Tea on RealHer

Graphics:  @reeseisabella

Graphics: @reeseisabella

Photos by:  @jachristo

Photos by: @jachristo

Mocha Girls Unite!! We're always trying our hardest to get out hands on some of the hottest upcoming indy makeup lines. 

realher mocha girl beauty lipstick swatch

Well for this review, we're teaming up with RealHer to test how this insta-beauty performs on Brown girls.

If you're not too familiar with RealHer, the company was founded after their founder, Bill Xiang, had his daughter. He wanted to create a cruelty-free, natural beauty brand with the mission to empower women.

“When she was born, that was the moment I realized I am a feminist, and I want to be a feminist," Xiang wrote on the RealHer website. "I want to do whatever I can to make as much difference as possible, as quickly as possible, to help more women. I try to build the brand to influence women the way I would want any company to inspire my daughter: inspire her to become independent, successful and fulfilled, without telling her she isn’t enough.”

With lipstick shade names such as "I am a Fighter," "I am Fearless," and "I am a Queen," all the products are adorned with positive affirmations to always remind you that you are truly enough.

We decided to put RealHer to the test!

e.l.f. cosmetics

realher lipstick review
realher lipstick review mocha girl beauty

According to the RealHer site, these lipsticks are "ultra matte finish will take any woman's look from day to night!" The formula comes in a lightweight, long-wearing wear that is smear-resistant. 

melissa borrego realher makeup review


"When I saw the packing for the lipsticks, I could only think about how and empowering it is! It's super cute and sleek. I love the empowering names of the products and the packaging looks very durable. For the lipsticks, they are creamy and very pigmented. They can totally last all day!"

-Melissa, Editorial 


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realher lipstick makeup review brown skin makeup
kelsea villanueva realher makeup review


"The lipsticks come in wide range of shades that will look nice on ALL skin tones. did notice that the metallic lipsticks take a little longer to set but it doesn't smudge easily when it dries. The lipsticks also don't feel as drying as other liquid lipsticks. They're very moisturizing and I love the color pigmentation." 

-Kelsea, Editorial


biranna jones realher beauty review lipstick dark skin


"Hands down, I LOVE the packaging! I found the lipsticks to be super moisturizing and they do stand out on deeper skin tones, which is a huge plus for me. Both the glosses and the lipsticks have a smooth finish and they're not moving once you apply them."

-Brianna, PR/Partnerships

eyeshadow palette review
realher eyeshadow palette review mocha girl beauty

RealHer promises that these palettes are richly-pigmented hues, and are designed for all eye colors and skin tones! The palettes are designed to be long-wearing, crease-resistant, buildable color with textures ranging from  matte to metallic in each set.

cathy olvera realher review eyeshadow


"I really like the combination of cool colors in each palette. I am seeing that a lot this year and I love this trend! So I am excited for that. The shadows do have a nice pigmentation, but I did have to blend slightly longer than normal. The shimmer colors in each palette are to die for."

-Cathy, Marketing

Buxom Cosmetics
kelsea villanueva realher eyeshadow review brown skin


"The pigments are a little lighter on your skin, so you do have to build them up a little bit to get a stronger color payoff for your look. I thought the black eyeshadow would be a little darker, but it does mix well with other colors. I did enjoy the shimmer/bronzer shades in each palette. The color combinations are limitless and you can create so many looks."

-Kelsea, Editorial

Mocha Girl Beauty x RealHer: Finding Your Inner Beauty

Mocha Girl Beauty x RealHer: Finding Your Inner Beauty

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