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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

Neon Makeup for All Skin Tones

Neon Makeup for All Skin Tones

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Photos by:  @jachristo   Model: @ thegirlbouttown  Makeup by:  @itsmspinky   Text by:  @im_kelpsea  & Melissa Borrego

Photos by: @jachristo

Model: @thegirlbouttown Makeup by: @itsmspinky

Text by: @im_kelpsea & Melissa Borrego

Out with the old and in with the new! It’s time for us all to spring clean our beauty routines. Bright neon lights, poppin’ highlighters, vintage beauty, and dazzling diamonds are the newest inspirations for the upcoming beauty season. The traditional bronze glow is outdated, with daring makeup artists and bold beauty influencers crossing beauty borders we have yet to see in the beauty industry.

For this month’s trend report, we are featuring four different runway-inspired looks and highlighting (pun intended) how women of color can pull off any radical trend for the new season. Whether you plan to up the ante for your beauty routine or keep it minimalistic, there’s a source of inspiration for every multicultural women in our trend report.

neon makeup
neon makeup look for brown skin

Packing a punch to any makeup look, the neon trend is definitely one that calls all the daring beauty junkies. The trend started to gain more popularity when photos of neon light eye looks and lip art began circulating Instagram and Youtube. People took their own spin on vivid colors, creating gorgeous sunset eyes with bright pinks and yellows, as well as eye-catching cut creases with a neon liner over a black lid. It may be assumed that the only way to pull off bold colors is in an editorial magazine, but you would be surprised at how wearable it is.

Celebrities such as Willow Smith have been spotted with editorial liner looks, such as bold blue hues lined across the lid as a way to complement the outfit. However, you don’t even have to do much to achieve the neon look. A bright coral lipstick can dramatically change your look with little effort. If lipstick isn’t your thing, give eyeliner a try! A pop of color in the waterline or a bright neon winged liner can easily transform any look from day to night.

neon makeup look for brown skin

Products to look for:

  • NYX Vivid Brights ($7): If you want vibrant liners that are affordable, check out the eyeliners we love from NYX. These vivid bright liners come in a variety of neon colors that can be used to achieve bold wings or accents to your eyeshadow.
  • Sugarpill Liquid Lipsticks ($18): Not only is the brand aesthetic and packaging the cutest thing, but these liquid lips come in a variety of vibrant colors. Try out that neon orange or gold lip to complement your eyes!

  • BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette ($17): When you want that neon on a budget, you are in luck with BH Cosmetics! This palette comes with an abundance of colors you can mix and match. It’s a wish come true for all your color fanatics.

  • Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette ($27): If you’re looking to support fellow women of color, then check out the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette. Much like the Urban Decay shadows, this hones in on that rainbow of bright neon colors that you can add to your collection. It comes with fewer pigments, but definitely will pop on any skin tone!

Feeling inspired? Create your best neon look and tag us on our Instagram page!

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Trend Report: Brown Girl Bling

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