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Look Majestic for Halloween

Look Majestic for Halloween

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Unicorn Makeup Banner
Photographer:  @jachristo /Retoucher:  @luisparradesign   Makeup:  @glamtamtam    Model:  @jamthebam510    Text:  @im_kelpsea

Photographer: @jachristo/Retoucher: @luisparradesign

Makeup: @glamtamtam 

Model: @jamthebam510

Text: @im_kelpsea

Unicorn Halloween Makeup Text

Whether you love rainbows, an array of sparkles, or playing around with vibrant colors, don’t be afraid to get creative! The rise of various rainbow and unicorn-esque products from beloved brands such as Tarte or Too Faced makes achieving this look easier with a plethora of options.

If you’ve been unsure as to when you should use your favorite rainbow highlighters, this is the time to whip them out! You can totally use our personal favorites from Wet n Wild or grab one from Ulta.

Pastel pinks, blues, and purples are more commonly used in this magical makeup, however putting your own spin on it is all a part of the fun.

Other great artists found on YouTube that you can take inspiration from are Promise Phan, Shameless Maya or Charisma Star. Each with their own individual approaches and styles, you can find what best fits your personality. Promise slays the floral pastel look that could also double as a great music festival makeup. Shameless Maya’s unicorn look brings forth that otherworldly intergalactic glow with purple, golds, and glitter. A cute emoji approach was taken by Charisma Star as she masters the rainbow highlight.

While makeup is important, you can’t forget the actual costume and accessories! Etsy is a great place to find your signature horn if you want something handmade and have a bigger spending budget. However, you can feel free to DIY it by taking a trip to your local craft store. Pick up a plain headband, some light modeling clay or paper mache, and fake flowers of your choice. Pinterest is a lifesaver and has many step by step instructions for making a headpiece. Don’t be afraid to even try out a vibrant hair color or wig, as accentuates the rest of you.

Your outfit can be as wild or as tame as you want. If you want the focus to be on your gorgeous face, then you can opt for a single color like white. A cute white sundress paired with a pastel pink fur coat or floral skirt and gold top combo would be a doable yet stylish way to go. If you like being extra, you could throw in some 24k magic by adding gold bracelets or wearing some killer gold shoes. Don’t be afraid to show off your colors this Halloween and express yourself!

How to slay Cleopatra makeup banner

Level of difficulty: 6/10

Amount of time required: 45 minutes

Want to try this look at home? We recommend trying the Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit. This palette is sure to give you all the holographic feels and vibes for this look.

Want to try this look at home? We recommend trying the Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit. This palette is sure to give you all the holographic feels and vibes for this look.

How to achieve your beat Unicorn self, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Prep, prep, prep: This look will require your best prep. Because you are going to be using a massive amount of product, it is essential that you make sure you have the proper base. You can prep with your favorite foundation, primer, and moisturizer, but you may just want to pack a little extra on for this look.

  2. Choosing your color palette:  Bold pastel color choices will work wonders for this look. If you are going to be on #TeamUnicorn, don’t be afraid to pack soft colors on.

  3. Add your embellishments: Glitter, Rhinestones, Holographic palettes, oh my! Pick your poison and if you can’t decide which item you want to be your focal point, why not use all three?

  4. Picking your headpiece: In order to achieve your maximum Unicorn self, finding the perfect Unicorn headpiece to express yourself is key. We opted for a DIY for our look!

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