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How to Protect Those Roots

How to Protect Those Roots

Photos: @ photosbylakeela   Makeup:  @uwasartistry   Model:  @chyrosemorgan   Text: Melissa Borrego 

Photos: @photosbylakeela  Makeup: @uwasartistry

Model: @chyrosemorgan

Text: Melissa Borrego 

For women of color, the summer heat adds an extra layer of complexity to daily hair care and maintenance. How should you wear your hair on those hot humid days? Or how should you do your hair for that upcoming pool party are all questions that may come during the dog days of Summer.

But look no further, protective hair styling is the key to protecting your hair from sun, heat, and styling damage!

If you haven’t heard, protective styling is a type of hairstyle that hides those ends from exposure and damage to help promote healthy hair growth by stopping breakage from happening. So your weave, dreadlocks, ponytails and braids all qualify as protective styling.  

Protecting hair styling also has the added benefit of reducing split ends and growing longer, healthy hair in the long-run. The central idea to any protective hairstyle is to keep the ends of your hair tucked away and promote healthy hair growth--hence the name!

There are many different kinds of protective hairstyles women can wear, from buns to braids and twists! With so many endless options, protective hairstyling should be a reflection of your personality.

Try rocking bold braids with a little added color to bring in some Summer fun or go for a sleek, classy bun during the day.

For whatever look you choose, finding alternate ways to wash your hair can make your hairstyle last longer.

For those protective styles, we recommend using Cantu’s Root Rinse Hair Care line complete with dry co-wash shampoo, root rinse and root relief.

If you’re in need of washing your scalp, but don’t want to wash your hair, try the Root Rinse, which is made up of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and shea butter and it will offer the equivalent of a deep clean to your scalp, but no need to use shampoo and water.

This product replaces your shampoo and will give your scalp a deep detox for those super HOT Summer days.

If root rinsing isn’t your thing, Cantu also has a dry shampoo co-wash that is made especially for Women of Color. This product acts as part shampoo and part conditioner, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

With this unconventional co-wash you can cleanse your roots with without ruining your hairstyle and not have the excess powder residue left behind like some other dry shampoos. This co-wash is designed to absorb any excess oils and add extra shine to your look.

Best of all this whole line is especially made for weaves, braids, locs & extensions and this line is made out with any mineral oil, sulfates, parabens and silicones! For the win!

We could not have asked for a better solution to help keep our protective styling long-lasting.

No go slay those Summer hairdos!


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