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Hello, #Naturalista!

Hello, #Naturalista!

Photos: @ photosbylakeela   Makeup:  @uwasartistry   Model:  @1mermaidbabe   Text: Melissa Borrego 

Photos: @photosbylakeela  Makeup: @uwasartistry

Model: @1mermaidbabe

Text: Melissa Borrego 

The decision to go au natural with your curls is a tough choice to make. With the media constantly pushing beauty icons with long, lush hair, you are left choosing whether to follow these standards of beauty or defy them and create your own movement.

We know that straying away from the status quo can be daunting, and sometimes uncomfortable. However, the only way we can make change in the standards of Western beauty is by seeing the beauty in change!

When you first decide to be a #Naturalista, don’t get bogged down too much into whether you’re doing it right or wrong. All that matters is that you’ve decided to be natural! The decision to go natural is always the first step, and the most important. It’s the most challenging part, and you’re already making a difference!

Natural hair is relaxer-free and healthier in the long-term. Relaxers damage hair over time and can permanently change the texture of your hair if used over a long period of time. The transition from using relaxers to going au natural is not going to be easy, but trust us! It will be worth it in the long-run!

With celebrities such as Issa Rae, Solange, Taraji P. Henson and Lupita Nyong'o rocking all rocking their natural hair, why shouldn’t you embrace the trend?

When going natural it is important to journal the things you are doing to hair. How many times did you wash your hair? What products did you use? Etc. Keeping details such as these will help you understand what ultimately works best for your natural hair type and what are some things you should avoid.

But once you get into the swing of things, co-washing your hair will be your best friend! Co-washing (short for conditioner washing) allows you to wash your hair with your favorite conditioner instead of shampoo to help keep your natural hair texture nourished.

Typically, when you wash your hair with traditional shampoo, it will strip your hair of all your natural oils and leave your hair super dried out, but with co-washing, forget the dryness...it add even more moisture to your hair.

For this process we recommend using Aussie’s Mega Moist conditioner to help add more moisture to your hair. This conditioner works well for any dry hair to help give your hair maximimal hydration and silkiness. It’s also infused with aloe and Jojoba oil!

After your your co-wash, your curl creme will be your best friend. We recommend trying Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Curl defining creme. This curl creme will help with curl shrinkage and tame your flyaways while also providing maximum hold to your curls. And to mention it is humidity-resistant. Talk about a God send!

It’s important to maintain a hair care regime with natural products and ingredients while you transition to being a #Naturalista!


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