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Hello, Capricorn

Hello, Capricorn

Photographer:     @ii_pix_photography_    Makeup Artist: @ officialjaimesweeney    Hair Stylist:  @hair.angel   Model:  @chyrosemorgan   Text: Melissa Borrego

Photographer:  @ii_pix_photography_ 

Makeup Artist: @officialjaimesweeney   Hair Stylist: @hair.angel

Model: @chyrosemorgan

Text: Melissa Borrego

capricorn zodiac makeup banner
Capricorn zodiac makeup

Capricorn, you’re represented as the willful and driven mountain goat of the Zodiac. You’re probably thinking, who wants to be a darn goat?! Well, there’s more than meets the eye with this highly ambitious creature.

You’re one of the few Zodiac signs with the ability to transform others and guide them through the right path. That’s something to be proud of! You are the rock of the pack and absolutely nothing will tear you down!

Your motto is “If I fall, I rise up and rise higher.” Capricorn, you are always aiming for prestige and power and nothing will get in the way of your goals. You probably aspire to be the CEO of the next big beauty brand and you’re already strategizing how you are going to get there!


You’re a major dreamer, but level-headed. We know you already have that five-year plan on deck. With the help of your sister signs, Taurus and Virgo, you’ll achieve every dream you have ever imagined and more. There’s no one better than a Capricorn at managing projects and achieving goals.

However, you are known for your materialistic and stubborn tendencies. You love all lavish things, as they represent the prestige you are always aiming for and aspire to be. You prefer high-end products over drugstore, even though you do acknowledge there isn’t much of a difference. For example, your stubbornness prevents you from trying that drugstore highlighter and you like to stick to what you know already works. Our biggest advice for you, learn to try new things and play your makeup up! We know you’ve got a busy lifestyle, but learn to take a trip to the drugstore and live a little. There’s nothing wrong with loving a luxurious lifestyle, but having an open mind never hurt anyone.

During the free time that you’re not mocking up plans for your next dream job, you love spending time with family. Your family keeps you grounded, which explains why you’re the most practical and realistic of all the Zodiac. Family matters and there’s always someone keeping you in check. Whether it be your mom, sister, or auntie, they’re always there for you and you’re always there for them!

Capricorn zodiac makeup profile

As the first Zodiac sign of the Winter season, you’re so over the Fall season. Forget Fall and the pumpkin spice lattes that come with it, you’re all about the chilly weather and your homemade eggnog no one can resist.

You’re not the type to wear trendy mauves and plums because of that so last season and you’re the trend spotter for the Winter season. What’s going to be the next big beauty trend for Winter 2017? It’s best to ask all the Capricorns you know! They’re the first ones to hype up the most innovative and creative trends before anyone else, even before Vogue!

Out of all the signs in the Zodiac, you’re definitely the most admired! Everyone secretly wants to be a Capricorn. Your strengths outweigh your weaknesses and no one works harder than you. Keep up the hard work and persistence Capricorn, we know you will be the next big thing!

capricorn zodiac makeup profiel
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Strengths: Practical, disciplined, wise, patient, devoted

Weaknesses: Materialistic, holds grudges, most stubborn people you’ll ever meet

Capricorn Likes: Prestige, family time, goals, living life with a purpose

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Hit up the drugstore for your next holy grail: Maybelline’s Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter ($10) will be your next beauty staple, trust us! It’s the hottest drugstore highlighter on the market and its dazzling pigmentation will leave you blown away.

Satisfy your luxurious cravings: You’re all about the high-end brands at Sephora and YSL is one of them! Pick up YSL’s Vinyl Cream Lip Stain ($36) at your next trip to Sephora, we promise you won’t regret it! Who doesn’t love YSL?

You probably predicted this one before everyone else: Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette ($65) embodies all the newest trends, from dazzling glitters to duochrome shadow toppers. These sunset rich tones are the new mauves for the season, but you already knew that!

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