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Guest Post: Sarah Shafni Talks Contour

Guest Post: Sarah Shafni Talks Contour

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Photos by  @jachristo

Photos by @jachristo

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Contouring Tips with Sarah ShafniBeing a woman of color has never been easy, especially in the beauty world. We can never find the right foundation with the proper undertone and rarely see ourselves represented in ma.png

We've all been inspired by Kim Kardashian’s contouring skills, as she is considered the master by some. Those amazingly sharp, chiseled cheekbones paired with a dazzling highlight is something we can all appreciate.

But for most of us beginning beauty mortals, we have to learn the best tips and hacks we can use on ourselves since we don’t have an on-demand glam squad at our disposal.

That being said, most of us beauty enthusiasts have learned, developed, and customized our ways of contouring and highlighting our skin. I can attest that my journey to learning how to get Kim K’s perfect contour wasn’t an easy one, but I was able to find the best techniques that work well for me.

It took countless trips to Sephora to master contouring and I would watch pretty much any brown beauty blogger on YouTube.

From my experience, I have learned there are many factors that one should consider when learning how to contour. Your complexion color, structure, face shape, products, and how much time you have in your hands are all important factors. Remember time dictates everything for our makeup routine!

I have a perfectly round face shape. Knowing this, I have to create a contour that will allow me to add and create shadows on my face. My practice has shown me accentuating my cheekbones will accomplish this for my look.

I’ve always loved to contour. That’s why choosing the perfect contour kit with the perfect complexion shades is so important. At the beginning of my journey, it wasn’t easy for me to get the right shade of contouring for my complexion. There were kits catering to more lighter complexions and it seemed like I could never find the perfect comprehensive kit to fit me.

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It is never easy for women of color to get the right shade ranges. There are very limited shades catering to brown skin. I consider my complexion as right in the middle and I would always see most kits that cater to lighter skin or deeper complexions. Only on rare occasions, I could find the right shades for me.

Going through a lot of trials and errors in the past, you tend to come up with creative ways to contour and highlight your skin. Don’t get me wrong, these days the beauty market is filled with great contouring kits. There is a lot of hype and demand these days which is great!

But for some reason, I still tend to stick with these methods. I've got two ways of contouring, based on time and my mood, but I will explain my lazy girl contour for this piece.

Editor's note: To see Sarah's favorite contour steps and pro tips, check out the rest of this piece on her blog.

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Check out her blog at www.lifestylewithsarah.com

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