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Day v.s. Night: Rose Gold Edition

Day v.s. Night: Rose Gold Edition

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Photos: @ photosbylakeela  Makeup:  @uwasartistry  Hair by  @iamvassar   Model:    @mmxnt__   Stylist:  @msvanessagrace    Text: Melissa Borrego 

Photos: @photosbylakeela Makeup: @uwasartistry Hair by @iamvassar

Model:   @mmxnt__

Stylist: @msvanessagrace 

Text: Melissa Borrego 

It’s time to come alive in the night time.

That’s right, for the girls out there that want to take it there, this post is for you.

Night events automatically call for a more dramatic look and instantly means you have to bring your A game. To master this look, it requires that you step out of your comfort zone and try the things that you would never do.

We recommend pulling that one outfit in your closet that screams “EXTRA!” We decided to start our outfit by selecting a metallic one piece jumpsuit. Nothing says extra than a glittery jumpsuit. For this look accessories are key. It’s super important that you don’t go overboard...we don’t want you to look like a Christmas tree!

 Skin: Mac Cosmetics  Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills  Eyes: Motives Cosmetics & Shop Violet Voss Glitter  Lips: Cocoa Gold Cosmetics Sinful

 Skin: Mac Cosmetics

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eyes: Motives Cosmetics & Shop Violet Voss Glitter

Lips: Cocoa Gold Cosmetics Sinful

You’re best to go with one piece of jewelry that is a statement and speaks volumes!

Now, for the makeup!

The rose gold makeup trend is a big deal for good reason. This rosy metallic shade flatters everyone! It’s not too warm or too cool, making it the perfect shade for women of darker skin tones. You can make both a day and night look if you follow our tips and tricks!

For those rosy-gold inspired eyes, use a shimmery shade all over the lid. For that extra bit of glam, damped your flat eyeshadow brush with a bit of water to pick up more pigment. Our favorite eye shadow for this look is the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette or the Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Gold. Here’s a quick tip, avoid having sparkles or any loose shadow fall into your undereye area by baking your concealer first! Then you can simply brush away any excess product from both your concealer and eyeshadow.

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Pair that rose-gold shade with a deep purple or plum eyeshadow in your crease. Choose a matte color for your crease, you don’t want to overdo it too much with glitter! Smoke out the eyes for a seductive look by applying the same shadows from your crease to your lower lashline. Lastly, finish off the eyes with a matte, but dramatic wing. Remember, for your best night look it’s all about going outside your comfort zone, so extend those wings!

You can’t attend any night event without thick and perfectly framed eyebrows. The bigger the arch, the better! Fill in your brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz to achieve your best brow.

For the rose gold, night look, use a deep plum or purple lip color to compliment your rosy inspired eyes. We chose to go with Cocoa Gold Cosmetics’ Sinful to complete this look.

Now, go slay!

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