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Day v.s. Night: Holographic Style

Day v.s. Night: Holographic Style

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Photos: @ photosbylakeela  Makeup: @ officialjaimesweeney  Hair by  @iamvassar   Model:   @msvanessagrace   Stylist:  @msvanessagrace    Text: Melissa Borrego 

Photos: @photosbylakeela Makeup: @officialjaimesweeney Hair by @iamvassar

Model:  @msvanessagrace

Stylist: @msvanessagrace 

Text: Melissa Borrego 

If you can master the #Night makeup look, you can master any other look! The holographic makeup trend is the rookie on the scene but it has made an impact in its short debut.

We’ve all seen those prism looks on our Instagram feed, well now is your chance on how to master this look for your next day party.

The number one key to slaying this look is completely beating your face with a high-coverage foundation. Be sure to choose a matte-finish foundation, whether it be a liquid, cream, or powder formulation.


Achieving your summer day party looks aren’t so simple as natural day-to-day looks. Especially the holographic eye shadow trend! Don’t be afraid to use dramatic, contrasting colors, like blue and yellow. The key to nailing this trend is going out of your comfort zone and playing with colors you’ve never done before! Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to eyeshadow blending!

Be sure to kill your contour! You want your cheekbones to look dramatically defined like you’re slaying the runway. Our favorite contour kit would have to be Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Kit simply because it works well for ALL skin tones and not to mention the pigmentation is like no other.

For the lips, top off your dramatic look with a statement color. You can do a liquid lipstick, gloss, or matte lippie of your choice. Remember, natural is the opposite of bougie. Go for a bold pink, red, or burgundy and slay the night away! We opted for Cocoa Gold Cosmetics’ lipstick in the shade “Coral.”


Now for your outfit. Nothing pair wells with the holographic look than denim. The blues are all different, but they all help bring each other out.

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For your day party, we love the idea of mixing different types of denim of all kinds. Why not wear a pair of shorts and a long jacket on top? Don’t be afraid to mix and match at all and do it big for your day party.

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Day v.s. Night: Barbie Girl

Day v.s. Night: Barbie Girl

Day v.s. Night: Rose Gold Edition

Day v.s. Night: Rose Gold Edition