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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

Affordable Spring 2019 Makeup Trends to Try

Affordable Spring 2019 Makeup Trends to Try

2019 Spring makeup trends for brown women

Let’s face it now is the time for us women to be creative and bold in our makeup again as the warmth of the sun begins to light upon our skin and the breeze from the wind begins to accompany the ever-changing feel of this season we call Spring. Yet make no mistake about it - it’s time for us to have fun creating new looks and getting out of our autumn like trends and bring back the beauty of vibrant color and unique styles of glamor.

As the flowers start to bloom and the rain continues to pour let’s be honest and say that sometimes we too can flow with the wind and feel to showcase our own style whether that be in our everyday wardrobe and/or beat face -- we show up in so many different ways it may be hard for others to keep up. So it’s more than amazing to know that every day we are continuing to reclaim our own beauty with freedom and gladly without apology.

No more neutral hues let’s bring the love of our colorful expression and the never-ending beauty of the rainbow back into our everyday lives and looks. No one said that you can never dress up, show out, and feel your best even in the midst of enjoying a very fun and late night out with your girls or with the love of your life on a Saturday’s game night at the arcade. No one said that we can’t make our own rules and play by our own game in this beauty filled the world.

2019 spring makeup trends for black women

We are women who just so happen to purposefully find liberation in being our own person as we find ourselves never conforming to being one dimensional but bold in how we choose to dress, express, and slay our way through life with confidence, with power, and with undeniable strength.

2019 spring makeup ideas

So, let’s start off by diving right into our top makeup looks & trends that we just can’t get enough of and we’re sure that you’ll say the same too. As we’re effortlessly setting our own trends and doing it our way no matter what anyone else has to say.

Spring Trend #1: Dewy Skin -- Every woman wants to glow and shine bright like the sun even when the weather says otherwise. We are loving this beautiful + natural glow that feels as if she just made her way from the beach soaking up the skin after enjoying a magical stay in the island of Hawaii.

Glossy Lips: We all fell head over heels for a glossy lip as its popularity has increased over the years. A natural yet subtle glossy finish makes its debut as it compliments the beauty of her skin and makeup so effortlessly.

Spring Trend #2: Neon Lids -- There’s something so mesmerizing about neon lids that makes us so happy inside. Maybe it’s the insanely colorful creation of combinations and looks that can be made to rock and strut freely in any location. Whether in glossy or matte -- this chic and bold look can turn the heads of women and men with just one glance the compliments & astonished words will be continuously coming in - so be sure to smile, say thank you, and continue walking proudly about your day.

2019 makeup trends

Spring Trend #4: Neon Graphic Liners -- Who said she has to be on her way to a party or festival to showcase her colorful and vibrant neon graphic liner that’s styled and worn to perfection. Even as she plays a countless number of games in an arcade with her best friend -- she makes sure to always look her best because you never know exactly who may be watching or who she may run into :) She is always ready to slay no matter the time of day.

2019 makeup ideas to try

Spring Trend #5:  Highlight All Over -- Every woman loves a long-lasting highlight that isn’t only just for her face but also for accentuating the glow on every part of her body. She literally glows beautifully from head to toe. Her skin flourishing in all of its glory with just the right hint of pink blush gracefully sitting upon the structure of her cheeks completing her look altogether.

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