Welcome to Hair Week!

Welcome to Hair Week!
Photos: @photosbylakeela Makeup: @uwasartistry Model: @msvanessagrace,  chyrosemorgan, 1mermaidbabe, @ano0o Text: Melissa Borrego 

Photos: @photosbylakeela Makeup: @uwasartistry

Model: @msvanessagracechyrosemorgan1mermaidbabe, @ano0o

Text: Melissa Borrego 

Welcome to Hair Week!

This week something special is brewing! With all those hard to answer questions about your hair, we are devoting a week-long series for every different hair type.

That's right, whether you have straight, wavy, natural and even those protective styles, we are tackling all hair types.

So make sure you check us out every day this week to find out what products and tips you should be using for your hair!

Stay Gorgeous!

-Mocha Girl Beauty