Ashley Griffin

Staff Review: Target Beauty Box

Ashley Griffin
Staff Review: Target Beauty Box
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I wanted to try something new this time around and decided to try a company that supplies monthly beauty products. For this month’s beauty supplies, I got a Schick Hydro Silk razor, a NYX waterproof concealer, a 3 minute Aussie Moist deep conditioner, a John Frieda sea salt spray, a Hawaiian Island Tropic sunscreen, a Masque Bar face mask, and a Sinful Colors nail polish in island coral. The package came with a note welcoming summer, information on the products, and instructions to go along with each item.

Overall the packaging was simple and eye-catching. I was extremely excited to get my box and try the products. The products that I enjoyed the most were the face mask, razor, sunscreen, and nail polish. To be honest, I liked these products because they were things that I could use on a daily basis.

The thing that Target needs to improve on is widening their customer audience. Certain products, for example, the hair spray and NYX concealer, did not fit me at all. The hairspray was supposed to give me “windswept waves or a tousled look" and it did none of those.

I have thick, 4b texturized hair so the spray did nothing to my hair. The NYX concealer came in the color medium, but I have a dark complexion. This made me feel that the whole box was made for someone with a skin color lighter than mine.

If you are a darker skin toned woman or man, I would recommend subscriptions to beauty boxes made especially for people of color like Onyx. It just seems that Target is trying to stay on top of the beauty game by having a beauty box, but if they really want to be inclusive they should try to create boxes that fit each ethnicity and not create a general box that might not fit certain individuals. Because of this, I would give Target a 6 out of 10, and that’s me being generous.


Editor's Note: All opinions of this review is based on the June Target Box.

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