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12 Questions with @KeshiaEast

12 Questions with @KeshiaEast

Text by: Melissa Borrego

Graphic by: @xzrtx

Check out more gorgeous looks on Keshia's  Instagram !  Source: @keshiaeast_

Check out more gorgeous looks on Keshia's Instagram!

Source: @keshiaeast_

Could whipped cream be used a makeup remover? Or can you really use red lipstick as a color corrector? These are the fun hacks that @keshiaeast_ is always exploring as an emerging Beauty Guru on her Instagram & YouTube channel.

Every day, we see the magic Keshia can create with any makeup look and we are enjoying every second of it!

Although she’s a rookie to the beauty blogging world (she’s been blogging for a year), she’s no stranger to the makeup industry. She started working as a makeup artist about 5 years ago and has worked many prestigious brands, including Alesha Dixon, Katie Piper, Krept and Konan, Sony Music, and Universal.

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To date, she has partnered with many well-known beauty brands, such as Lookfantastic, Superdrug, Cantu Beauty, Iconic London, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

We played a little fun game of 12 questions to learn more about Keshia East. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube for beauty advice, makeup tutorials, and fashion looks to die for!

Check out her fun take on the new Glam Glow Glitter Mask!

If you could use only one beauty/skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is so hard! There are so many things I love! I would say glycolic acid in a serum, face wash, or toner. Ultimately, skin is the most important part of any makeup routine and glycolic acid is the ISH!

What beauty brand do you think is changing the game for all women of color?

I would say Juvia's Place, as it's so pigmented and so universal that it's forcing every brand to create shadows with great pigments for ALL skin types. Also, Milani cosmetics. Milani has amazing quality as a drugstore cosmetics brand for women of color. Its 2-in-1 Conceal and Perfect is my favourite foundation!


What order do you apply your makeup routine?

Always the eyes first, then the base. The eyes always require more attention and to me, should always be the standout feature. After all, eyes are the window to the soul! This video is also, another reason why you should always start with your eyes.

Would you rather drop your favorite highlighter or break your favorite lipstick?

I'd rather break my fave lipstick. Broken powder is not fun! And harder to fix.

According to Keshia, eyes are the window to the soul!   Source: @keshiaeast_

According to Keshia, eyes are the window to the soul! 

Source: @keshiaeast_

Who do you look up to in the beauty industry and why?

Obviously, Jackie Aina! She's the bomb. U.K. based, I love Patricia Bright. They both support their WOC, but are watched by all and everyone can relate to them!

What’s the biggest makeup mishap you’ve ever had?

Eyelashes coming off! No matter how good you are, everyone has experienced their lashes coming off! And it’s so uncomfortable! Ha ha!

What makeup trend are you ditching in 2018?

Hmmmm......good question. Excessive highlighting.

What are your beauty guilty pleasures you don’t like to admit?

I hate cleaning my brushes. I hate Instagram and my fave beauty blender is £1 from Primark!

What inspired you to make a Youtube channel about makeup?

I was working at MAC and had so many people asking me about “what this Youtuber recommended” and “what that Youtuber said.” I realized the reach of Youtube and that bloggers were setting trends! I've always been a people person, so it made perfect sense.

What was the last makeup tutorial or channel you watched?

It was actually an Instagram made me buy it video! Haha!

What makes you feel the most beautiful?

Surprisingly, taking off the makeup, a nice mask, serum, and cream. Good skin makes me feel beautiful.

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What is your best advice for women of color and finding makeup products that work for them?

I would say to experiment. Women of color generally have the most beautiful skin, but we often play it safe. What really stands out is when we are more daring. Pops of color on the lips and eyelids. Don't be afraid to ditch the nudes. Also, try a variety of brands, there's a lot of brands now that are good for women of color, not just the ones that focus solely on women of color.

If you like what you're seeing, make sure you check out Keshia's Instagram & Youtube Channel!

Chasing the perfect glow? Let Keshia teach you all you need to know!

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