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1, 2, 3... Slay that #Indoor Wedding

1, 2, 3... Slay that #Indoor Wedding

Photos: @ photosbylakeela  Makeup:  @officialjaimesweeney  Stylist:  @msvanessagrace    Models:  @1mermaidbabe ,  @chyrosemorgan ,  @bmoneyoakland ,  @msvanessagrace   Text: Melissa Borrego 

Summer Weddings! So beautiful, so amazing, but they can take place anywhere; making it hard to narrow down the perfect wedding guest look.

So what should you wear if you’ve been invited to an #IndoorWedding?

For starters, always use the wording/look of the invitation as a clue. The fancier the invite, the more you should expect for a lavish affair.

Because it’s summer, the venue can be anywhere. So make extensive note of the venue.

Although indoor weddings are classic and traditional, it doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be the same! Your personality should reflect through your outfit and makeup, but never, ever upstage the bride.

If you have an outgoing personality, show it off with mixing prints, metallic accents, or a bold lace-up sandal. Crop tops are perfectly acceptable as well, just as long as you pair it with a high-waisted skirt or bottom.

Since wearing white as a wedding guest is considered taboo, always check in with the bride if you would like to accent your outfit with white. A nude or pink-toned dress with white accents and a bit of sparkle should pass the bride’s test. If your dress is extra sparkly, dress it down with your holy grail basic nude shoe you’ve got in your closet.

For your makeup, keep it light. It is #SummerTime! Keep it soft and simple. No one wants to constantly keep touching up their face during the ceremony.

Opt for a soft, clean look with light contouring details. A nude lip works well with any look you decide to wear and requires minimal touch up when you’re spending hours on the dance floor! Also, adding a hint of color in the eyelid and on the cheek will help make your natural look pop in the best way. Don’t be afraid to pair this overall look with a #StrongBrow. Remember our eyebrows frame our face, but try to keep it natural for this affair!

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