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Mocha Girl Beauty was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire a community of Brown women who are often excluded and overlooked in both the beauty and fashion industry. We are aiming to build the first-ever digital media destination platform that produces original content centered around the Millennial Brown woman!

@Shiemanasif Maybe Our Favorite Beauty Influencer of 2019

@Shiemanasif Maybe Our Favorite Beauty Influencer of 2019

Photographer:  @alashaephotograpghy   MUA/Model:    @shiemanasif   Writer:  @_herbeautyspeaks   Interviewer:  @catherineselise

Photographer: @alashaephotograpghy

MUA/Model: @shiemanasif

Writer: @_herbeautyspeaks

Interviewer: @catherineselise

@shiemanasif x mocha girl beauty

With just one look at Shay’s (@shiemanasif) Instagram profile embodies the true passion that she has for all things beauty, makeup, fashion, and culture. She’s a woman who exudes and radiates rays of sunlight from the inside and from the out. Her love for beauty and makeup found her swooning over the concrete lines of eyeliner, many swatches of lipstick, and a soft and smooth feeling brush to match so she can blend it all out -- memories that she recalls fondly as a little girl who was far too young to fathom but exploring and playing in makeup made her feel good so that’s what she focused strongly on.

shiemanasif x mocha girl beauty

A native from the beautiful, vivid, and cultural vibes of Morocco, North Africa. A unique and mosaic place widely known for its Aargan Oil - liquid gold that can literally cure the many of our skin and hair issues.

Growing up, her mother was a woman in all of her natural glory who never felt the need to wear makeup quite often if none at all. So, her inspiration came from other women in her family like her aunts & sisters who intrigued her by the way they’d transform their look in a matter of minutes upon getting ready.

“The inspiration [for makeup]  was more from my aunts, my other sisters, they were more into makeup...I remember like seeing them getting ready and I was just so fascinated by the way, the transformation that they were doing themselves, you know. So that's the first time, like I fell in love with makeup as a kid, said @Shiemanasi.f”

Those sweet times stayed with her and the genuine love for beauty and cosmetics grew as the move to U.S.A. came about years later -- back in 2014. Prior to her move to USA - she didn’t begin her journey as a makeup artist professionally until then.

Her first job was at Sephora -- where she remembers being able to fully dive into her lifelong passion for makeup and beauty where she began to continuously to fall in love with the process of transforming the faces of women as she brings their true beauty to light in such a powerful way.

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She wants all women across the world to know of her beauty and to love every part of who she is -- that is where the pure magic resides from within. Of course, with the exception that she feels that a woman’s look is never complete unless she pairs the perfect eye lashes to compliment her transformation.  of Makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty  - whose representation is unlike any other where their message of proudly embracing the widely ranged beauty of women of all cultures, ages, skintones, and physical appearances in a remarkable and phenomenal way is recognized by many worldwide.

“I am very pleased to see that brands are starting to feature hijab wearing women in their campaigns. I hope we will continue to see this more often, said @Shiemanasif.” 

“It feels good to be represented and included and hopefully it is not  a temporary thing.”

Aside from leaving her mark in the world of beauty, fashion, and makeup - Shay also let us in on her start as a influencer as she grew to make her way unto a creative journey that led her to a little inspirational + artistic platform we like to call YouTube. Where her first video consisted of teaching other women the proper way to wrap + tie a hijab as she unapologetically curated content in her distinctive accent + in what she calls broken english as a means to shift from her daily reality.

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All the while creating content that her family did not know much about due to feeling ashamed as a strong woman of Moroccan culture and who is of Islamic faith. She was afraid of being ridiculed so she kept that secret to herself. Her video content ranged from a plethora of categories such as fashion lookbooks, hijab tutorials, and random yet heartfelt discussions on anything that she felt important to share. Her influence really grew strongly as the discovery of Instagram became known and connections were being made from people all over the globe from Indonesia, UK, & America as she created her astounding wardrobe of one of a kind fashions before relocating to America. Her purpose as a influencer and makeup artist became known to her as time went on -- she realized that her calling in life was far more greater than anything else.

Being a woman of Islamic faith has changed her perspective on the way she views people and the world. The representation of muslim women in our society as of today has certainly made a positive impact on people of all communities but shouldn’t be taken as the next fade or cool trend. It’s imperative that we take into consideration that not everyone nor everything should be fit into a category of popular opinion.

Thus accepting the lifestyle and beauty of muslim women should be an inspiring act of kindness and understanding that we’re all human who deserve love, respect, and care no matter our age, spiritual beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, heritage + culture, or physical appearance -- especially as the strong influence that we as women have on society + the world as a whole.  

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YouTube for Shay was a world like no other where she could create and not felt pressured to be like anyone else but herself. Although, many of her family didn’t know of influence she didn’t let that stop her from following her passions and ultimately making it into her career.

This socialite platform was mainly non-existent to a woman such as herself who wasn’t out there indulging on alcoholic beverages for fun, or pranking her friends -- instead she was there producing content that was different, creative, innovative, and relatable. According to Shay, it felt as though she was the first and only girl from Morocco who boldly took a chance in filming + releasing videos and openly sharing her mind.


Her inspiration to take on this newfound journey came from a half Japanese & British creator named Hana Tajima who was a converted muslim and designed her own clothing for a living. She quickly took a notice to the why Hana Tajima made innovative ways to express herself through her style + fashion specifically as when it came to rocking a hijab in more ways than we have numbers to count. The beauty behind the story of Shay is that she is one who is very courageous, strong, genuine, and passionate about making a difference and inspiring other women to create the world they want to live in despite the adversities that may came about. As it is okay to let all of your hardships serve as your motivation for striving for the best in your life. She takes pride in her journey of relocating from Morocco to have the opportunity to work and to gain experience in a field of work that sparked her interest. She had no idea that in doing so she would continue to embark on a journey that allowed her to explore her passions and strongly influence so many upon the way.

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